​Welcome to Maryland's PREMIER indoor lacrosse league!


Now in our 13th year as THE place to play during the cold winter months!!

Mid Maryland Indoor Lacrosse League Rules

1.  Rules of game will follow NFHS lacrosse rules for boys youth league lacrosse.

2.  Offensive language and / or excessively rough or unnecessary roughness will result in player ejection.

3.  FIGHTING will NOT be tolerated.  If a player is ejected for fighting he is automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.

4.  No out of bounds except on the player sideline.  

5.  Face-offs will start with two (2) midfielders, two (2) attack, and two (2) defenseman. Attack and Defense must stay behind restraining line until possession is called. 

6.  NO BOARDING. Legally riding a player out of bounds is legal on the player sideline. Indoor is a great way to work on stick work and position defense.

7.  Teams will play 6 v 6 plus goalies. 

8.  Long poles ARE permitted. Teams are allowed TWO long poles on the field at any time.

9.  Games will be TWO 25-minute running clock halves.  Each game will start PROMPTLY on the hour.  Two (2) minute half time.  

10. Penalty clock is kept on the field and is STOP clock.  Penalty clock does not go by the game clock.

11.  ONE (1) timeout per game / per team.  Timeout can be called anywhere on the field. Timeout is one (1) minute.

12.  Games within 2 goals with 2 minutes remaining will go to start / stop clock. 

13.  All substitutions are on the fly.  No shot clock.

14.  Offensive side of the field should have FOUR offensive players. One of those players CAN be the goalie.

Defensive side of the field should always have three players back.  

15.  Run n' Gun!! No face-offs after a goal is scored. Goalie clears the ball after a goal (on officials whistle).  

Teams losing by 10 or more goals have an option to face-off after a goal is scored OR receive a free clear.  

This is the head coaches discretion.

16.  Teams have 15 seconds to advance the ball over the midfield line on a clear. Goalie has 4 seconds in the crease. 

Violation of either results in a free clear at midfield for the other team.  

17.  No over and back ("back court") rule.

18.  A 2-point shot will be awarded if the shooter has ONE foot behind the midfield line when the ball leaves his stick  (ie. if a player starts his shot behind the midfield line and the ball leaves his stick while he has ONE foot behind the line but steps over with his other foot during the follow through....the shot counts). 

19.  Games ending in a tie during regulation will result in ONE (2) minute sudden-death overtime. If the game remains tied, ONE (1) minute                BRAVEHEART style sudden-death period is played.  If the game remains tied after the second over time, the game ends in a tie.  

20.  PLAYOFFS / CHAMPIONSHIP games will play a (2) minute sudden-death overtime BUT keep playing ONE (1) minute BRAVEHEART              sudden-death periods until a winner is determined. No player is allowed to participate in two of those BRAVEHEARTS. 

New OT period = new player for each team.

21.  BRAVEHEART RULES:  One goalie and one player from each team play.  One player must stay on the defensive side of the field.  Goalies        ARE permitted to cross midfield as long as the other player stays back.

22.  STANDINGS / TIE BREAKERS:  Divisional standing ties (teams with same record) will be broken in the following order:   

i) Head to Head record

ii) Record vs common opponents

iii) LEAST goals allowed

iv)  MOST goals scored