Congratulations 2018 / 19 Season CHAMPIONS!

2029 / 2028B Division:

Bethesda 2029         13

Silver Spring                    9

2028 A Division:

Bethesda 2028         17

HoCo  2028 Pink             11

2027 A Division

Sidewinders 2027    18

Team Maryland               14

2027 B Division

Coppermine 2027    22

Gators 2027                   19

2023 A  Division

Cannons Blue         22

Cannons White             15

2023 B Division

Silver Spring 2023     23

Rockfish Neon                  16

2024 Division

Silver Spring 2024    27

HoCo Pink 2024              19

2025 A Division

Hawks 2025                 27

Sidewinders 25 Black       18

2025 B Divsion

Breakers 2025            16

The Mixers                         11

2026 A Division

Shore Boys               22

HoCo 2026                      11

2026 B Division

Bethesda 26 Orange    18

Baydogs   2026                   13

High School JV
  Gonzo JV              29

Cannons Gold 2023     13

High School VARSITY

Huntingtown      20

Looneys  2020        19

Played in the BEAUTIFUL Soccer Stop facility in Columbia MD

We are a boys lacrosse league designed to promote youth and high school level lacrosse in the Maryland Counties surrounding Washington DC and Baltimore.

COMPETE:  Drills are great and practice is essential.....but nothing replaces competing on the field!!  Our league prepares players and teams to COMPETE in their upcoming spring seasons.

CONDITIONING:  Our run n' gun format provides players and teams a non-stop, up-and-down the field, fun way to get in shape during those cold winter months!

PREPARE:  Be ready on day-one of the spring season!  Our league provides a safe and fun way for players and teams to get in the essential stick work, conditioning, and competitive mindset needed to be successful in the Spring season.  Our season runs through mid-February......just in time for Spring tryouts!!

Sign up as a team OR sign up individually and be placed on a team.

In an effort to provide the most competitive league for all teams, the MMILL will have TWO divisions at each age group:

'CLUB' / 'ELITE' Division - This division is available for Elite, 'AA', Travel and club teams normally participating in 'A' or 'AA' level tournaments and more competitive leagues.

'RECREATIONAL' Division - This division is for club teams normally competing in 'B' level tournaments, recreational lacrosse teams, and boys clubs.

WHERE:  All games are played at the BEAUTIFUL NEW Soccer Stop facilty in Columbia MD (9505 Berger Road).  The facility boasts above field stadium seating, professionally staffed full concessions stand, HUGE lobby with two (2) big screen TV's, padded walls and outdoor quality turf for players safety, and an enormous parking lot. This is a state-of-the-art facility!  It is only 17 minutes from downtown Baltimore, 30 minutes from downtown DC25 minutes from Annapolis, and only 15 minutes further from MUCH lesser indoor league facilities in Gambrills!

WHEN:   Games start December 1st 2018 and run through February 10th 2019. 

No games played on Christmas and New Years weekends. 

TIMES:    YOUTH (U9 - U13) games on SUNDAYS between 7:00am and 7:00pm.  No game before 7:00AM....no game after 7:00PM in the 2018-19 season.  High School & U15 games on Saturdays between 7:00am and 8:00pm.  NOTE:  some youth games will be played on FRIDAY or SATURDAY evenings. No youth team will have more than one Friday or Saturday evening game.  We realize kids are playing other sports in the winter......Team schedule requests will be accommodated as much as possible.

COST :   Only $160 Youth / $165 High School for players registering ONLINE INDIVIDUALLY before November 15th. 

Coaches that register their team and choose to make ONE payment to the league can receive Team Discount, Multi-Team Discount, and 'No Jersey Needed' discounts based on a league minimum 15 player roster.

Registration fee includes:  MMILL reversible jersey (except for teams receiving the No Jersey Needed Discount), EIGHT (8) weeks of games officiated by US Lacrosse certified officials from the WLOA, playoff/championship brackets, championship t-shirts.  If open fields are available teams will be offered practice time for no cost and possible All-Star games at each age group.

Teams must have a MINIMUM roster of 15 players.  Individual registrants will be added to teams that don't meet the 15 player minimum.

Age groups for the 2018/19 season:
*  VARSITY - Seniors & Juniors (Rec and Elite Divisions) - underclassmen welcomed 
*  JUNIOR VARSITY - Soph & Fresh (Rec and Elite Divisons) - no Seniors or Juniors
*  U15 Division - No Freshman on U15 teams.  Mostly 8th/7th graders
*  U13 Division - 11 & 12 year olds as of September 1 2017 . Mostly 6th/7th graders
* U11 Division - 9 & 10 year olds as of September 1 2017 . Mostly 4th/5th graders
* U9 Division - 7 & 8 year olds as of September 1 2017. Mostly 2nd/3rd graders  

Players can play 'up' an age group but not 'down'.  No Seniors or Juniors in the Junior Varsity Divisions.  No 9th graders on U15

This league ALWAYS fills up fast!   REGISTER TODAY!!

​​2018 - 2019  Season

​Welcome to Maryland's PREMIER indoor lacrosse league!

Mid MarylandIndoorLacrosse League

Registration opens August 1st 2018 for the 2018-19 Season. 

Discounts apply only for organizations choosing to make ONE payment to the league:


* TEAM DISCOUNT - ($10 off per player based on 15 players)

* MULTI TEAM - more than one team? ($100 off  per team)   

* NO JERSEY NEEDED - have your own?  ($100 off per team)



Coaches can register their team by CLICKING HERE.  You can then direct your players to our website to register to play for your team OR make one payment to the league to receive the discounts listed above.   We will collect rosters in December from teams making ONE payment.


Players can register and pay individually if their coach is not making one payment to the league OR if they need to be assigned to a team.  Individual Registration fees for YOUTH (U9 - U13) is $160 per player. HIGH SCHOOL & U15 individual registration is $165 per player.  Registration closes November 23rd.

Games start DECEMBER 1st  2018 and run through FEBRUARY 10th 2019.  No games Christmas and New Years weekends. 

8 WEEKS of 50 minute fast paced games. Two 25 minute halves.

No face-offs - 'Run n' Gun' style.

Long poles allowed.  No out of bounds except the player's box.